Friday, January 1, 2010

First day, again-again.

Let's hope this time's a winner!


ItVeganAtGenesis said...

I'm going to follow your blog and encourage you on your journey. We all need encouragement, and one way is to share out story.

I've been medium frame all my life, but never healthy. For 4 years I was vegetarian (except when pregnant) I felt tons better, but I felt even better after going vegan. I too have allergies. I am lactose intolerant and recently realized gluten intolerant (probably celiac disease). I am also fat intolerant (coconut, avocado, olives, nuts.) I can only have a small amount a day.

So don't feel alone!

I've been living moderate to high raw since this spring and with less allergies flares- it has been great! A wonderful detoxifying process as well.

What helps you stay raw is to be realistic and when you don't eat raw eat healthy (rice, sweet potatoes, wild rice, tofu, steamed veggies, etc).

Make exercise fun by trying a variety of methods: yoga stretches, pilates, Wii fit, low impact cardio, weight training, tennis, etc

You can do it! Stay focused and only choose healthy options.

I personally believe that raw isn't expensive if you buy locally and in season. If it's not local then don't buy it except as a treat ( carries lots of superfoods and at good prices).

I hope this helps and keep up the good work!

lilburger said...

Hey, ItVeganAtGenesis, thanks for your support! I am new to blogging, so we'll see how it goes... I've recently discovered a gluten intolerance as well. How did you find out you were intolerant to fats? My allergies are SO much better since I wrote my first post. It's been really interesting for me to see how my body reacts to certain foods- but sometimes it's so hard not to eat the ones that make me react badly.

Thanks again :)