Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 1 (Which Was Yesterday)

So.  I am writing my first ever blog entry, something that I don't necessarily expect anybody but me to read.  I have decided to write a blog because I am terrible at keeping a journal.  I can type faster than I can write.  So there it is.

I am on my second day of my official raw-food journey.  Actually, I have been raw-food-journeying since at least May, when I received a free copy of Raw Food Real World and read the whole thing, twice, in a weekend.  I have been fascinated and obsessed ever since then with the idea of better health, better looks, better life, all provided to me by the food choices I make.  

I have been obsessed with food for as long as I can remember.  I love to eat.  Love it.  My childhood and family experiences were all centered around food.  Most of my memories revolve around what I ate during which experience.  My mother's family is Italian, and therefore the only way we could get together was with food.  I got in trouble if I didn't eat enough.  Once I was a teenager, I started getting in trouble for eating too much.  I have always had trouble managing my weight, which could be because of the fact that I am not only an emotional eater, but also lazy.  I have never really taken up exercising, although the few times that I did it consecutively for a period of time, it made me feel really good and accomplished.  Most of the time, I would rather stay home.  The unfortunate thing about my relationship with food is that I can't stop eating once I find something I like.  Therefore, I have begun setting boundaries for myself.  I have been vegetarian for about six years, although I do eat fish every two months or so.  That has to stop.  I love cheese.  Cheese has to stop.  I want to be raw vegan, mainly for the following reasons:

- terrible, terrible allergies
- no energy
- sick all the time (because of allergies)
- depressed
- always want to sleep
- eating crap makes me feel like crap
- terrible problems with digestion
- back pain
- headaches
- poor eyesight
- lack of enthusiasm for anything
- always cold
- I want to be beautiful

Ok.  So I tried going 100 percent in July, and ran out of money so ran out of raw food.  But my job starts again in a few weeks and I expect to go at it full force.  I will allow myself a few non-raw-vegan things, like: (raw) honey, herbal tea, miso, popcorn (because David Wolfe said it might be okay, but not forever).  I will not be allowed to eat, very specifically: any cooked starch (especially french fries and noodles, which are my downfall), NO coffee, NO black tea, NO cigarettes (not a food, but still not allowed).  I really want to have lots of energy, and be more fun, and not be depressed, and feel beautiful.  So, we'll see how it goes.  

Yesterday was my new Day 1, and I did a good job.  I ate popcorn, but the rest was raw.  Wheee.

Today is Day 2, and we'll see how it goes.  As part of my new energy-full, healthy life, I am about to go for a run.  

I hope this works.

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