Saturday, January 2, 2010

Number Two

This isn't going to be fancy. I'm not that good at making things look beautiful on the internet, but I suppose I will get the hang of it if I keep this up.

Yesterday I was 100% raw! I feel SO much better already. Over Christmas break I was eating all the things I haven't been eating recently- wheat, other grains, and even a bit of cheese! I always go to Christmas parties saying I'll eat what the host offers so I don't make them feel bad- I have decided this is ridiculous. Who suffers the consequences (or reaps the rewards) of what I eat besides me? NOBODY. So I have to stick to what I know is best for my body.

Yesterday I had an apple, a giant kale salad, and a giant spinach salad. Both with Dr. Cousen's Caesar salad dressing. I'll have to post the recipe for that, it is SO good. And I love kale.

When I'm eating cooked food I eat for fun, or boredom. I just shovel food in, and am never satisfied. But after some piles of delicious kale, I don't want to eat anymore. Yesterday, instead of eating all day, I finished typing a 209 page book! YES. And my face is less puffy already.

Let's see how today goes. I've had an apple and some green/mint tea so far. Recipe for SUCCESS!

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